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What is the most appropriate clothing to choose in a baby store for a newborn

Appropriate clothes for newborn

As the weeks of pregnancy progress and the moment of childbirth approaches, and the time of childbirth approaches, we faced with the dilemma of having a first set worthy of our heir. What is not always an easy task, especially for a novice mother who may not know what clothes are best suited for a baby.

Usually, the grandmothers are actively involved in the preparation of the baby’s Trousseau, which makes the fashions of prenatal clothing last longer than it sometimes recommends the practicality of the mothers who are already more tanned in these conflicts.

Of course, every mother is a world and receiving a new member of the family is an occasion worthy of all the small bodoques, shirts and skirts elaborated that each one considers opportune. Even so, there are specific tips that can make our lives easier in the baby store in those early days when everything seems complicated.

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The bodies, those great strangers

If there is something a baby needs in industrial, quantities are bodies, that cotton garment with clasps that put under absolutely everything. Usually a newborn baby wears a body always. Day and night.

The bodies can be of suspenders, of short sleeves or long sleeves. There are necks and collars and all colors and flavors.

However, all mothers can be a nightmare for a novice mother. It well known that babies are usually Big Head and it is not uncommon to see more than one mother novice sweating the fat drop to put her baby’s head through the neck of the body in question. If you still do not have much skill wearing babies your best option is, no doubt, the crossed bodies.

Considering also that this is the garment that your baby has attached, to his delicate skin would always decant me for good quality cotton.

The carvings

Throwing us into the world of child clothing could make you think that there is a conspiracy between the manufacturers of baby clothes so that the sculptures are entirely unintelligible. The same thing you put a 52 and stay as wide as a 0 to 6 as if the size of a newborn baby and a baby of six months was comparable.

The best size for a newborn is the 0-1 which means 0 to 1 month. If the size is in centimeters, it is advisable to avoid the size 48, if your baby is a little could not fit even the first day. A size 50 or 52 is best suited for a standard baby.

You will also see that each manufacturer interprets the size of a newborn to his or her discretion. It is a lost fight, soon it will make your eye, and you can value yourself without having to look at the size. The tips of a novice mother on her blog 39 weeks are great to put a little order.

All in one

I will not be the one to take away the illusion of anyone dressing their child in skirts, bundles and a million layers and ties, although I would advise booking the Louis XVI style models for the days when we receive the visit of the aunts, the grandmothers or the mayor of the town.

To make the day to day easier the more comfortable, without a place to dud, a are the monkeys of one piece, with feet included, that do not wrinkle, neither they are dislocated, nor leave that between the cold anywhere. The failing, leggings, and sweater sets are also quite comfortable.

Shoemaker to your shoes

Newborns have slanted and wrinkled feet, still do not support the sole of the entire foot, which will make it impossible for shoes, ankle boots, and socks to fall off.

Therefore, for a newborn, the best are the monkeys with feet, leggings or leotards. If you do not spend your life looking for the sock that is missing.

Quality or quantity?

While it is true that the clothing of a newborn washed daily, it is also true that they grow faster and the first set is small immediately.

It’s not usually to buy a lot of things, but good quality and natural materials that do not irritate the baby’s skin.

As you are going to wash the clothes and pajamas almost daily, the best thing is to buy things that do not have to iron to be able to use them often that first month before they are all-small and have to move to the next size.

Bibs, and other elements of dubious utility

There is a garment to which I have not yet found a real service: the mini-bib embroidered pique. Nor have I ever given much skill and substitutes that, however, my mother manages with superior agility. In these elements would buy a sample and, once verified the utility of them, I would launch to buy more if necessary.

To Infinity and beyond

As noted above, the first clothes are usually new because we usually tend to buy enough being babies so small. So, although you do not have to give up the roses, it is advisable to choose a range of colors unisex to be able to reuse if one day we encourage to have another child.

In particular, pajamas, which are needed enough, should be bought in neutral tones.

Now that we know what clothes are the most suitable for a newborn and how to face the first setting we only need the approval of the grandmother who is usually harder to peel.


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